Classic Blur 

hey lovely people,,


So my very first post and i am super excited! *giggles *

I thought my first post would be to tell you about the purpose for this blog and a little about myself.Fashion designer is drawing a fashion sketch for autumn-winter season

  My friends would relate that fashion and style is an area I enjoy! !

 I Learnt to feel and look good about myself without necessarily being able to afford pricey stuff. 

I shop in thrift shops for items less than a dollar….feel inspired 

    Class is a matter of attitude and it is not defined by what you really have 

      In my blog i will show you that we can all look and feel good even with the simplest of  them all.

I will give you an insight to my personal style and with time start sharing my very own designs,,yes i am a designer of clothes and bead art 🙈😊………whiiich are still a work in progress.(photo dressed by thee amazing cwanjiku fashion hse, choker and wrist pieces made by me )

This is also your go-to for fashion runway event news, beautiful collections from your fav designers…. Mine would be J.Mendell so be ready to see aloot of that too  aaand inspirational stuff that would be helpful to anyone that wants  to join this amazeballs industry of fashion *breaths*

See” i have been looking for a platform that would give me this but lacked 😞

I sure do hope this will help someone like me out there. I  promise i will not be a lousy ass blogger 😂I’m sure you’ve noticed that this post is dated 2015*this is an updated version *,yes I started this blog last year but didn’t really have the inspiration i needed buut here I am  now 😊not leaving this time.
 I am a fun person ,you will not even be bored for a mini second😉sooo yaaass!!! 

Let us begin!! *french accent*

   Oooh wait wait,, before you go ☺,,

Listen to 

No Money -Galantis 😻


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