Jhene Aiko Echuru 😍Can I just first say that i am your greatest fan! (me:that fan that is dragged out of stage for trying to touch her hair ‘hahaha!😁)

 So for those that don’t know, Jhene Aiko together with Snoopdog and Whiz khalifa took ‘The highroad’ this summer on a Nationwide tour, I think this is still going on. Now, how bomb is that? I meeeaan do you see that combo of humans on tour together? 😎Whooa!!

Nyway, I think what’s cooler is Jhene’s outfits throughout the whole time. Each day i saw a different one and i would gasp almost the same way i did before!! 😮Queen, respect👑Jhene has continually played with all the bright colours that literally scream for all the attention in the room aaaaand nothing even went craycray ,,On the contrary there was a beautiful bust of colours that accessorized her in unison. 

Vintage Coogi Australian sweater and Y.R.U x sanrio little twin stars Qozmo Lo shoes.

Her outfits throughout the whole tour portrayed a cold fire, it’s like saying elegant yet playful… you feel my vybe? Good job Jhene and S.O to her makeup artist, Do you see what she has done with the colours on her face  too? Stunning! 

Wearing christinaeconomoe latest SS16 collection

You can’t also go away not noticing her hair switch in each day,, Ombre’ all day eery’day 😘soo soo preety!  for those that come from Nairobi,Kenya and would like Ombre braids or extensions then follow “Natural Hair Kenya -IG and Ombre you will get!!☺Thank God for online markets these days, right?

Nyway, I will leave you more photos of our girl Jhene for you to stare in awe😱Until you see me again,, 

avoir 🙋and stay popping queens and kings 😘




Listen: Jhene Aiko -3.16am

Jhene Aiko ft.Childish Gambino -Bed peace


Love you ❤


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