I sure do hope your day is being good to you. Well mine is too, it got better after having a hectic morning 😦

You know those days when your hair has a brain of it’s own and tortures you juuuust when you late to get somewhere? Welcome to my life people.

But thank God for my knight in shining armor 😍saving grace,Theee Turban.

Turbans or head wraps go well with preety much any type of hair; from long, short, afro, straight.. You name it. I personally have braids ryna and I’m used to doing turbans with my afro *when afro  refuses to cooperate *it worked preety fine with braids too. ☺

The outcome of a turban depends majorly on the type of fabric you opt to use and how your hair is set inside,the rest entirely depends on how you tie. When choosing a fabric, we want to go for something really malleable and easy to work with so I’d advice you not to use anything slidy like pure satin or silk. Cotton on the other hand is classy and easy, i love linen too especially because it ‘breathes’😂you feel like it’s letting in air and brings in a general coolness. Cashmere is cool too because it is really soft and light weight. Don’t go for anything heavy like wool,you don’t want to have a sweat gland melt down😓print print print mi love 😘i like how they make a statement in anything and everything.You cannot fail to pop in print and beautiful colours standing on your head so go for those while selecting a turban; but again,depends on what works for you. 

Turbans are a trend that can never go out of style… neeever!! Really adds that juice to a look whether you going to church,a girl’s night out , achieving a boho look, guy taking you out  😉it stays so fresh. I dunno about you,but I do love a good headwrap. Also, if you are out to get a protective hairstyle then turbans are your go to. 

Now I’d really want to do another post where i show you how to actually tie and various styles you could use,so this is a promise i am making*pinkyswear *look out for a part two of this,for now the headwrap story is a wrap

(see what I did there?they rhymed yo! 😂)

Nyway, I’ll leave you with some of my selfies i took on snapchat today with my turban. I used a long black linen scarf i purchased locally and paired it with a floral top (HnM) aaand a hooot cat eye.😎you like?.why thankyou😊(complements herself)

Ps:most captions on my snaps are totally irrelevant to this post. 



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