ECO-FASHION||be green in any color you like. 

Hello ,,

It’s been such a while… I’ve been nursing a cold 😞 I hope you are loving September like i am? I’ve been having so much positive vybes around me 😃the energy is just  amazing.

Lately I have greatly been inspired by  Eco-fashion and what that community has been achieving.

 This came at a time in my life when I had started focusing on the sustainable development goals (SDGs ). You know what those are? 

They are goals that were initiated by the UNDP to help eradicate various probs our world faces such as poverty, climate change and stuff. 

Leornado de caprio and Edsheeran support the SDGs.

They therefore encourage every individual to relate to the 17 goals and make a small change; you and your two friends could visit a kids orphanage or plant a single tree…you get?

 In a nutshell that is what the SDGs are about.

Eco-fashion industries use sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment to make finished products in the fashion market ,very beautiful products if I may emphasize. 

Now one thing people don’t realize is that they exist and survive because of the things our beautiful nature gives to us ooh so freely yet we destroy it everyday. 

What Eco fashionistas do to ensure sustainable living is recycle old clothes that people grow out from, process them using some chemicals and produce fibers; upcycled fibers is the name! 

An example of this is the Shoe Adidas made with Parley for the oceans..i think this is amazeballs!! 

Adidas xParley

Eco- designers also use natural fibers which are found in nature and are not petroleum based  such as cellulose and protein fiber.Cellulose fibers include jute, flax, hemp,ramie and bamboo while protein fibers are wool, silk,cashmere,mohair even camel.

I adore how designers have began to experiment with the eco-friendly materials making such exuisite designs these days. 

 There are a number of Eco-fashion weeks in the world where they debut their beautiful creations inspired by nature.

What I love about eco-fashion is that it is slow fashion.

Slow fashion production ensures quality manufacturing so that the life of a garmet is lengthened. 

Production of a garmet that holds a cultural or emotional connection is also pertinent in the slow fashion ;no one would want to throw away something they are attached to,right?

I sure do hope the Eco-fashion will be taken up by many countries in the world all in consideration of taking care of this world. 

Does anyone here want their kids to find an era where pollution is the order of the day and nothing can be done because it’s damaged to the core?

Naah I don’t think so!!😟

Here are some of the beautiful work people are doing out there in the Eco-fashion industry. 😊

And then listen to: 

Sing me to sleep //Alan walker -Marshmello remix 💦

Stay sustainable! 😘


Beautiful linen collection in natural dyed colors #ethicalfashion
I want this crown on my head😍

Everything made of tyres

Jules Francisco inspired garmet made from discarded bed linen.

JEAN PROJECT-Eco friendly philanthropic denim brand
Ethical fashion


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