SUIT UP -wear your suit casually,look better than the boys.

I love a girl that looks and feels powerful ❤

It is sexy and equally intriguing. A suit does that for you. 

It reminds me of Olivia Pope from the series Scandal. That ma’ though! What says boss like Olivia Pope? She was a gladiator in a suit 😎

Suits for women is a fast rising trend especially in the corporate Society. 

You wear a suit and you look like you about to seal a million dollar deal, appearance is everything. 

I however enjoy suits when pulled out semi officially and casually because there is soo much play you could incorporate . It’s like adding a stamp to one’s personality. 

The countless ways women break the suit style rules are hands down brilliant. Well, in the men’s world it would look abit off but with women it’s different! 

A beautiful mess is portrayed. 

You can rock this style with jeans, a simple tee, Fedora hat, crop tops, snickers, boots…. This list is not even ending! 

A staple for every girl is a nice fitting blazer. Always opt for something slightly below the hip area or above. Also, make sure it fits well or you will end up looking ridiculous. 

Tuck in whatever it is you choose to go with unless it is appropriately short. You could do a half tuck which is really feisty. 

Don’t shy away from adding a creative spark even though it may differ from the norm. 

Normal is soo boring 🙍

Play around with ties, bow ties, square pockets and suspenders. 

If you’re going for more formal business attire then opt for a double button notched lapel jacket and a single button jacket for a casual look. 

Last but definitely not least, add a jist of confidence to your whole look. Walk with your head high and stunt on everyone and everything 😃

Donatela Versace

I did a casual look some Friday ago. On this day I was feeling abit somber though  😢I had all the intentions of wearing a dress to this occasion, but you know how you don’t feel the vibe of anything you place to wear?My room was neat until I had to decide what to wear 😂

Then,at that moment I stared at my white blazer and it looked right back at me with all its radiance begging me to pick it! 

It was totally a matchmaker! Haha! 

I did a vintage shirt, White pants.. Paired it with a forever 21 blazer, brown vintage low cut boots and a Chanel clutch bag. 

I also picked out some few more looks to show you the various ways you can slay in a suit casually. Do enjoy 😃

Galantis //U & I


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