Happy new month to you 😃

OCTOBER! The month of everything nice.

I have a trend that should make your October fun,, the skater! 

Ever wondered where it gets its name from? 

It originates from ancient ice dance costumes used for skating.  

Yaass! It is very very old just like many other trends in fashion. 

Skater dresses can be worn by any body type. No limits! 

I love how it is tight at the waist then flares down through the hips all the way to the hem. 

This enhances One’s body giving it an ultra figure. 

I could bet you that fifteen  of the countless people you meet on the road will tell you that you look beautiful 

Then, half of the other countless people will stare so hard

Including the girls!😂

They will silently wish they were in that dress instead of you 😋My statistics are very accurate and true! 

Skaters can match any season throughout the year. How convenient! 

You can accessorize this dress with a sling belt. 

What a sling belt does is make your waist look tiny and your bottom curvy. 

Add a neckpiece to your skater,something that matches the kind of dress you choose.

Another miracle that comes from the skater is that can go with any kind of shoe, that also tells you that you could pull out any type of look with the skater! 

For those that love to flaunt their legs then this should definitely be your poison. 

It still comes with a variety of heights for those with a different preference.

The cut of the dress is just perfect so don’t be afraid to try it. 😉

It’s hard to hate something as amazing as this, yes? 

The white skater I’m wearing is by cwanjiku fashion Hse -IG 

Made with love ❤ Be sure to follow her on instagram. 

Queens, Rock your skater today and reminisce that 80s babydoll.


All the way //Victoria Kimani ft Khuli Chana



  1. new follower alert!😂😂

    you are just amazing..I’ve just read all your blog posts and am wowed!

    i love style but i am often soo green about fashion..

    so am glad i can learn a thing or two from your blog..

    wait, how comes am just learning of your blog today?😭..anyway, looking forward to more✊

    Liked by 1 person

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