Heeeyaah!! 😃

Yes yes I know what you are thinking right now,you haven’t seen me in forever! 

I apologize for my grave silence, I have 599 reasons for that but I will save you the list to try look and feel less guilty!! 

I have been upto so much over the past month.Most of which relates to me blogging and the milestones I want to achieve.Alot of inspiration and constant meditation has led me to thinking of the various things I want to bring to your feed, it’s still a work in progress.Soo Ya ya ya! Don’t want to bore you to death with that ..

Today I talk about hair and  my 2016 Experience with natural hair, Yaass!! I have been a natural sister  for a while now .

I am still a newbie in the do’s and don’ts of natural hair. So at first I used to wonder why people kept calling it a journey and the discussions and endless rants  on people’s lips ,until knowledge changed me. I can genuinely say that I have experienced a miracle since I started this regime.I feel like I’m telling a testimony! (holds up  imaginary mic,faces imaginary church congregation)  😂

After my big chop I didn’t really pay much attention to my hair (or no attention  at all) I used to get tired of the untamed bulk on my head and ended up using heat every single day! I still compare  natural hair to a group of liberal souls sometimes , you just can’t tame them! 

(I sincerely apologize to my hair for acting as the agent of heat ,hope it can hear me) 😏

I have such amazing friends in my life who kept singing to me unfamiliar terminologies like prepoo, LOC and LCO.. In my head I would wonder what the heavens those were and why it mattered to them. In this moments did my half given concentration gradually  yield an enlightment on the need to take care of my hair. 

I then started to invest in products slowly and observed how my hair stimulated to them. I always vividly recall the first time I used Virgin Cocont oil on my scalp! It itched soo much I could barely keep myself together! 

I literally told everyone of this coconut tale they didn’t have to ask twice..In those moments is when I remembered how it was the only can left in the store and how it might have exceeded it’s shelf life..I then sought help online and google went like, 

“calm yourself  princess paranoia your highness, just an allergy “😂

Okay, it didn’t actually say that!!(you can roll your eyeballs again) but I discovered the problem and worked through it, I will share on all the coconut oil deets soon enough.

That was just one among lessons I learnt. Natural hair sparked something in me to always try something new because I loved how my hair surprised me. I even started making my own hair!!Ofcourse it hasn’t been a walk in the park,there are those days the hair acts like an underpaid employee about to cause a riot and you feel like to cry! 

All in all I am happy about the journey so far! I cannot rate myself anything close to an expert but it’s a beautiful learning process. 

I recently had twists outs on my head. I did them when my hair was wet then air dried because it worked out soo much better for me after I tried them another time. 

I sectioned my kinky hair into the sizes I desired and twisted away. I must say the results were splendid. I especially enjoyed how my twists bounced back when I pulled them and I kept doing this in class,while walking and everywhere else! 

I then oiled them with castor oil which I love for its heaviness and coconut oil. I also used rose water to moisturize and Condition plus it smells like an orchard . The end result was beautiful. 

Do you know about rose water and it’s benefits? I will tell you about that soon and you will be amazed at how much makeup products you could avoid spending on with rosewater. I call it magic water, or water from the river of goodness! Hahaaa 

I also worked on afew seedbeads to accessorize

I untwisted them after five days, I was really impressed by the curls they formed.. So radiant and full on my head ❤

DISCLAIMER :Uuuhm, I don’t actually have a picture of the untwisted curls for reasons that I combed my hair almost immediately after (2 days) and I didn’t get a chance to capture them.. Truly sorry!  So a brief summary of products used:

  • Shampoo and conditioner (washing) 
  • Castor oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Rose water 
  • Eco Gel for hairline

    Something I feel I should mention, when shopping for oils I’d advice you to go for the cooking oils as they haven’t been processed too much. 

    Yass! 😊

    I will leave you afew pictures I took so you could see my twists,wish I had more . Feel free to ask me any questions, I’m always here for you. 

    Bye ❤

    Wolves //kanye west ft Sia (Balmain campaign) 


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