How to add a splash of color to a black outfit

“Women think of all color except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. It is the perfect harmony”

Coco Channel

Coco chanel who invented the ‘little black dress ‘(LBD) was not wrong about black 

Why I love black? The color black has a deep quiet subtle nature that is admirable and oddly beautiful.

Take a minute of your time to close your eyes  and imagine the world without black…..😐well, I think an apocalyptic scenario could arise (like in the movie Spongebob) and all the other colors would be in abject need of black to complement them!

Have you watched Spongebob the movie? 😂Okay let me feel you in… Soo the craby Patty secret formula suddenly disappears ! Puff! people of bikini bottom crave the burger so badly till they start to vandalise stuff and apparently this led to a great apocalypse……only in Spongebob 😁 

(excuse my active cartoon imagination) 

Moral of the story : The world doesn’t have a chance of  survival  without black!! 😂

However, today I talk about how to add abit of color to a black outfit… And this goes out to all the amazing introverts out there, highly reserved persons,people who prefer black over everything else In this life (well, except maybe food 😝) and anyone else who feels like they wear aloot of black.. 

I’m talking to you 🙂

So let’s start off by placing out our usual black outfits.. This entails  everything that you want in your outfit. 

I then  like to use a formula called the Bla.stitution  Method  which I totally made up right now  btw, but it makes sense! 

This generally means that you substitute a maximum of 3 out of whatever number of items you are wearing with a different color other than black.

 I will give an example, blue belt and blue shoes to go with the rest of your black or red lipstick with a red purse and a red neckpiece keeping the rest of everything constant! 

Simple! Get the drill? 😃

This gives you the ultimate freedom to play with nail polish, headwraps, watches, eyeshadow, shoes… Name it then try your preference color with a black Outfit..see the magic? 

If you are still not into the idea of Colors then you could still try various prints while still using the formula or yet go for very mellow colors like bage, grey… Brown! The sky is your limit 👌

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your black 

I am in love with this outfit I did. Story of that beautiful pink blazer… Bought it at 10bob…yes 10 shillings  off a clearance sale.. The pink and print caught my eye amongst a pile of other miserable clothes.I loved  the cute square pocket and how vintage it was!

  I swear I almost hugged the mutumba lady 😆

Using the formula I’ve told you about, I took my black outfit :black laced top, a long bodycon skirt and added a red bra. The blazer also gloriously broke the black monotony. 

I complemented the blazer with an African bag (kiondoo), a seed bead Choker I made and the Afro to give the look a 90s touch. 

Do you notice the seedbeads I sewed at the bottom of the bag? 

(By now you can tell that seedbeads are my holy grail) 

That is how I pimped my black outfit with color . Do tell me what you think on the comment section down below 👇  

Until next time, Stay happy like pharrel 😎


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