Hello there beautiful  readers!


I Hope this festive season is hella amazing for  you.. Mine is good, I am preety sure I have added some more chunk on the bones… I eat five times a day! Hahaa! 😝

So I’ve been looking around and comparing Christmas over the past years and I think alot has changed in people …

Do you remember the days when we were kids and you could literally feel the Christmas excitement in your veins?


And there were trees lit with beautiful colors, hymns full of life on every channel.. And there was a special outfit which you prolly bought the previous day set aside neatly just for that occasion… 

I always loved to customize little Christmas cards which I’d share with all my friends and family and the joy of receiving  was equally fulfilling….and waking up early on Christmas day full of bliss.. 😆

The weather somehow used to know what day it was because the ambience seemed different…. It looked special,felt magical! It felt  like Christmas 🎄 

The day Christ was born to us, born in our hearts….

Well, days have changed….and people make it just  any other day to take a break from their Oooh sooo busy lives 😑

Let us not lose the true meaning of this season… Let us not forget the reason for the season ,yes? 🙌

Happy holidays to all my Readers,friends and family!You have been amazing.. May 2017 be your year of everything good!

Do not forget to bless the less fortunate, alittle help gives alot of hope! 😃

Thankyou for always stopping by to read my posts and sharing your thoughts on the blog , all this has been part of my learning and growing process !!

Nonny loves  you💞

Happy Holidays 🎉🎉


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