Hey Beautiful readers, 

Hope 2017 is being good to you? 

It’s February already 😱

So I promised you I will do a post about rosewater and coconut oil because they are way up there on my favorite beauty product list. 

Alison’s rosewater

Rosewater is my main though ❤

When I say main I mean rosewater then maybe my boyfriend 😂 

By the time I’m done with this post you will agree with me that you might need it more than a boyfriend (okay I’ve stopped) 🙏😂 

Rosewater  is one of the most amazing ingredients you can include in your everyday beauty regime. I have personally been using it since August last year and the results impressed me for sure. 
The following are 12 benefits and recipes that have worked for me, especially since I struggled with acne for a long time.

  1. Goodbye Acne 

Rosewater contains anti inflammatory properties that are medically proven to treat acne, dermatitis and even eczema. 

1tbs rosewater plus 2tbs lemon juice 

Apply to skin and let it stay for one minute everyday twice .

2.Makeup remover 

Rosewater also acts as a makeup remover by cleaning your face’s pores and nourishing your skin. 

Mix 2-3 drops of coconut oil or your essential oil plus rosewater on a cotton pad and work it through your face. 

3.Facial cleanser 

1 tbs rosewater plus afew drops of glycerine. 

After washing your face apply this mixture to your face and pay attention to the T zone. 

I do this routine every night. 

4.Facial toner 

Toning your face is an essential. Rosewater contains antioxidant properties that strengthen skin cells and regenerate tissues. 

It’s astringent nature tightens the pores and gently tones the skin. Add oils of your choice but avoid too much active ingredients. 

5.Reduces excess oils and maintains skin’s PH 

Rosewater cleans pores and ensures that your PH is balanced. Use it in the middle of the day when your face is too shiny. 

6.Heals wounds and piercings 

It’s anti bacterial property heals cuts, wounds, piercings and sensitive skin .

2 tbs sea salt water plus rosewater 

I have been using it on my nose piercing instead of spirit and it’s been working out great. 

7.Can be used as prima 

Rosewater works great in ensuring that your makeup is set on some good foundation using rosewater as primer. You Could also add some glycerine. 

Rosewater also gives a perfect face beat finish through its radiance. 

Call it the cherry on top 


Get yourself a spritz and splash rosewater on your face.

Rosewater and spritz

8.Rosewater nourishes and moisturises hair 

Rosewater should be a staple for everyone when it comes to hair. Hair needs to always stay moisturized in order for it to grow and maintain its natural oils.

Rosewater also treats mild scalp inflammation and dandruff. 

Using a spritz, spray it to your hair every morning. 

9. Reduces eyebugs 

You know those moments when you wake up and your eyes look like huge  plums? 😂 

I can relate. 

To work this out, soak chilled rosewater on cotton pads  and dub under puffy eyes. 

10.Rosewater calms sunburns and helps to repair weak or ageing skin 

You know how under the eyes is abit sensitive because of soft tissues? Apply rosewater regularly in order to avoid dark circles. 

If you have dark circles already mix 1tbs glycerine with lemon juice and rosewater. Also, apply some coconut oil under the eyes every night before you sleep . 

11.Used to create a scented bath 

For those that love to camp in the shower 😂 I’d recommend a rosewater bath that is mixed with other scents like lavender. 

Quick history !This dates back to Egypt from the reknown Cleopatra Who did this too. This helps to nourish your skin. 

Use a cup of rosewater, mix to water then add 2 drops of lavender or a scent of your choice. 

12.Rosewater reduces anxiety 

True story! It’s glorious scent reduces anxiety and helps promote some feel good vybe .

Its mellow nature on one’s skin also relaxes and rejuvenates the  cells.
Follow these tips and see how it goes. 😃I’m sure you’ll love it too! 

It’s going to become your rider forever! 😍

Part two will be an insight into coconut oil especially while using it on your hair. 

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Bye bye!🙋


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