VALENTINE’S SPREE and more more love 

Hey 😃

It’s 5:38am and I have not been able to sleep a wink . Insomnia! 😨

It’s Valentine’s Day too! Whoop 🙌

So I think of this day and what comes to mind is self love 

See, when you love yourself you set a standard of how you will allow others to treat you 

But if you don’t understand yourself then you won’t be able to love yourself 

Valentine’s therefore reminds me to celebrate myself,my strengths, my flaws, my quirky character.. I sure hope you do the same  🙂

I hope your day will be blissful😃 

On this day, show love to yourself and others, especially yourself! 

Even zombies need some loving 😝

Take yourself out for dinner, buy yourself wine, crack jokes and laugh about them yourself 😂 , wear heels, dedicate songs to yourself,make it your birthday …just don’t be a dead beat! 

Oooh and wear something else other than red.. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually my favorite color! But Santa and most people wore red on Christmas and now Valentine’s too?

 No, c’mon! 😕

But that’s just me though, do as you wish as long as it will  make your day merry! 

And as you do as you wish, let me switch your attention for a minute  to this outfit I should totally rock today 

 skater dress, black heels and Chanel. 

It’s a banger! 


Stripes are sexy! 

Again, Happy Valentine’s to you beautiful person… Don’t get your heart broken, don’t break one either 😝

Listen to :

Bruno Mars -Versace on the floor 


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