Heey beautiful people


What’s been popping? …

Me with the silence …again! If someone like my fairy would have given me a heads up on how my last two months would have been ,I would have warned you in advance…😭then I lost my phone ..99problems 

For those that love things i love then ya’all about to stare with your mouth…I dream about antique markets, roadside finds, collectibles, creative craft and vintage goods!! 😍

I also uphold sustainability of all forms… Something I took up in my life from being inspired by the SDGs (sustainable development goals) that were initiated by the UNDP. 

(Click link above to learn about ecofashion) 
I know someone out there is reading this and thinking, ‘serious too serious stuff ‘…but no, look at it this way! Take the number of years you think you have left to become old.. Then remove like 20 years 

(Meditation phase)😪

 That’s how fast the world might end because of how the human race is living! Pollution, global warming, poverty… It’s real my people! Real! That’s why people are encouraged to live sustainably these days and make the world a better place… 

Planet decay

See, superheros aren’t always wearing capes and flying around, changing this world makes you a hero *Drops mix*😂

Stay sustainable

Among the sustainable initiatives going on,My favorite is Eco -fashion….I came across an Australian Organization that has been slaying the world.. They are called ECO-BLING! From their name, they make 100% handcrafted accessories from upcycled materials like glass, throw away sinks and other trash… Cool, innit? 

These amazing people also patner with indigenous Austrian communities to help them through these crafts… In my field of study you’d call this ecotourism! 😉

They are all about sustainability and the best thing they saw to impact the world is to directly act to help vulnerable areas facing abject poverty and other calamities by rebuilding these communities in an environmental way…. 

For those that don’t know what upcycling is… This is converting old discarded materials into something useful and beautiful! 


Here are a few photos of what Eco bling has been doing.. 

Ecofashion week debut

Neckpiece made from recycled glass!yass
Wood accessories are made from trees they plant themselves

This beauty😍

Ariana Grande -everyday ❤

Stay sustainable.. 

…and Yass! You will see me around



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