Wass’good 😃

Hope you’ve been keeping it real out here ..
Me? I’ve been great.. Blessings on blessings!I’ve been super busy on internship though.. And I miss waking up at 10am 😪

I wanna share with you about an obsession I have right now 😍


janelle Monae 👑

orange is the new black 

the beautiful Solange 
I couldn’t help but wonder where they came from… 

Did it come from people’s interaction with stripped animals? Or were they dream up lines in someone’s head..😛 I dunno! 

Alicia keys 

Interesting weird fact though! 

A cobbler was once condemned to death back in 1310 coz of wearing stripes! That’s quite harsh, don’t you think? 

Back in the ancient days stripes were an abomination! It all started in Paris after monks who were called the Carmelites arrived from Palestine wearing brown stripes! 

In those days, You’d seriously be ridiculed if you walked around in stripes and no one would ever want to date you so you’d die unmarried and unhappy 😂

It’s funny how a policy system can format people’s brains to hate something just coz the law says so… Imagine a world where everyone was a liberal  and free to express themselves.. 😔

I know for sure that we’d see greater things in this day and age and Art would be made King ..and people wouldn’t walk around in the same things, imitate celebrities and big ass personalities then just call themselves ‘fashionable’ on instagram 😒 

I go through discover on instagram and get bored coz girls just look alike! Aaargh! It’s sad so sad!!

 If everyone was liberal they would understand that style is a form of art …yes?😉

What laws do you think have brainwashed people in this age? 

jhene Aiko Echuru 😍
There is a habit i developed over the past few months… When I look at any print, I observe it intensely from the mix of colours to the manner at which the details have been arranged.. 

I notice one thing :that most of their basis were simple stripes which were further sophisticated with different shapes and creations…

Observe print and you will notice that with me.. 

I have a huge obsession with print too, they blow me away some more when prints are blocked..😍

African prints 😍😍

 So many amazing feelings go through my mind when I look at them.. I think they are beautiful!especially when I notice a Genesis of stripes.. ❤

I picked up afew photos for you with print and you’ll get to see the basis of stripes if you look at them keenly! They all afropunk 😘
Cuss that’s my kind of style anyday! 

Also.. Thrilled to annouce that I’m an agent in Kenya for Missfashionweek Africa ( happy dance )😂

I will give you detail soon!

Listen -childish Gambino (Redbone)

Bye ❤


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