Howayaaa!! 😃

EID MUBARAK to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! 

It’s been beautiful nights with the crescent moon hanging above us, innit?😻

Lately I’ve been thinking about modest fashion vs mainstream fashion… And what other better day to do this post other than during Eid season? 😃

I didn’t actually wait till Eid so that I’d do this nor did I rush this post so that it would fall under Eid season… Naah ah! Just a convenient coincidence I guess! 😄

This tells you I’m a good guesser, eey? 😛

It’s also not that Modest fashion is just meant for muslims only, on the contrary it’s what i am personally trying to be against… 

I’m trying to be against the norm that modest fashion should be done in a specific default way and by a specific group of people.. That modest fashion doesn’t mean only wearing abayas (garmets that cover head to toe) it’s about how anyone wants to express themselves and feel comfortable while still staying modest…

I feel like I’ve jumped right to the end of this post! 


I’ll continue! 

Don’t stop reading!! 


Soo i was looking at how hiphop culture brought about street wear and social media gave people a voice to be liberal and express themselves through how they look.. And I think millenials are one bold bunch.. 
I came across an interview with the famous designer Annies Hasibuan! 

Annies Hasibuan 

In 2016 at the New York Fashion week (NYFW) , this woman made a MOVE!! I’d say moves but I think it would be under rating what she did! 

She made headlines as she became the first ever designer to feature hijabs in every outfit in her collection. The muslim designer decided to cast her show entirely with immigrants and second generation children right after Donald Trump’s order on immigration. Daaarn!! MOVES! 


In her interview, she said that she just wanted to show the world that there is no difference between modest fashion and mainstream! She hates the fact that there is bad interpretation of Muslim women and critism when women try to fit more options to go with their headscarfs! 

Kanye west also featured Aden, a 19 year old Somali -American born in a kenyan refugee camp in his Yeezy season 5 at NYFW! That was really cool.. 


Aden wearing yeezy season 5 fur coat with black hijab
As time goes by, people are embracing modest fashion and hoping that it will be ‘normal’ in the future to decide how one covers their bodies, yaaaaas?!! 

I’d totally rock modest fashion anyday…it is so beautiful ❤

 At the end of the day,, fashion is for all, it is creative, it is diversity, it is PEACE! 

Few photos of outfits I loved and would totally rock! The runway photos are the ones featured by designer Annies Hasibun (NYFW 2016) 😊

For the first time I typed from my head and didn’t end up with a huge harry Potter novel 😂😂

who likes reading too much anyway? 

Listen -Alright by Kendrick Lamar 

Bye ❤


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